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Fun Facts about GreyhoundsRace Picture2

A greyhound can reach 45 miles per hour in two strides.

Greyhounds are not a hyper breed, owners affectionately describe their greyhounds as a 45 mile an hour couch potato.  Greyhounds are bred to run a very short period of time, the majority of the time they conserve their energy.

Greyhounds like to run, but leash walks three or four times a day and an occasional trip to a dog park will keep them happy if you do not have access to a fenced yard.

Retired greyhounds are usually 2 to 4 years old when they retire.

A greyhound’s thin skin and slender frame make them unable to withstand outdoor heat or cold for an extended time period.

A greyhound is a sighthound, they were bred to hunt by sight, rather than scent.  A greyhound can see for up to a half-mile and have a peripheral vision of up to 270 degrees.

Every greyhound has its own personality.  There are greyhounds that get along well with kids, cats, and other house pets.

An average male weighs between 65 and 85 pounds.   An average female weighs between 50 and 65 pounds.

There are 16 standard colors for greyhounds.

The greyhound is one of the oldest dog breeds, dating back to ancient Egypt.

Greyhounds are in the King James Version of the Bible: Proverbs 30: 29-31.  They are also in Shakespeare’s Henry V and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

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